Why is plagiarism illegal and how to solve it?

03/06/2017 12:00 AM by kayalvizhi in Seo

Your search engine ranking is may be affected by site plagiarism. The original post may fall down in Google results, it is possible. It will affect your blog SEO.  Plagiarism is still hurt you and your site. If you plagiarize, never can understand what you did and can’t hide your wrong move from Google and their algorithms. SEO Plagiarism is “illegal form of copying”.

Why is plagiarism illegal

Plagiarism affects your blog

All search engines are wanted to provide good results to their readers. It does not only mean trying to find the best, and also finding a variety of blog results for the first page.  Plagiarism is not a perfect option. Sometimes the results can bump down.  Google search engine algorithms are efficient so the copied content and spams are never indexed in their search engine. The search engine would count all them.

Your internet marketing depends on the best text that appears on your own web pages, blog posts, and directory list. The duplicate content surely damages your blog.

Internet plagiarism

Today many tools are used to identify the content scraping. Many blogs that plagiarize content and attempt to develop their “version”, means you need to protect your article. You have a small blog, you can get free service such as plagiarism checker and article checker for check duplicate content. And here I will explain details about blog plagiarism.

How to find someone copying your post?

Creating and original is blogging but today many users come online to earn money. They are doing copy-paste others work for make money and another purpose. It could be a site post, article, person photo or image.

The web gives two important tools there is Copyscape and plagiarism. You have to check the URL, when your site gives content to another site. Copyscape is one more good way to find. Just copy few lines in your contend and search in the Google. Google will declare, if someone was copied your article or not. The copied content was indexed on Google.

You just don’t care about who is copying your post or anything. We protect your sites from these copy-paste users. Google is smart to find, which blog is copying others works, and your content will not be outranked.  A copied content may be outranking original content in search engine; you may have reported such article via many methods.


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